How do I create a gallery in PodiumFoto ?

To have a gallery and on his personal website PodiumFoto just sign up. The free plan (Silver) has no limit on entries.
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How does the image approval system in PodiumFoto?

Images are approved for the gallery PodiumFoto taking into account the views of users but the final decision rests with our trustees who accept or reject the result, using the following method:


All uploaded images go into a listing that is visible only to users of the Gold Plan or higher, called Screeners , which make the first assessment for or against the entry of the images in the Gallery the PodiumFoto, voting 1-5 only once. After each voting member, ceases to see this picture in the voting list. No member, Screener, Trustees or Directors may vote in their own pictures.


1. - Vote 1-5 values

The images remain on the list of up to 25 votes Screeners, unless they are approved before. The vote of the Trustees of votes equal to 5 Screeners.


2. - After the first votes of the screeners, the images are divided into two new listings as it will mean getting. The Trustees may approve or reject images immediately but rarely do so, approval shall be made ​​after the largest possible number of votes considering the average required by management to ensure the level of quality.

2.1 -Listing Pre Selection: The Trustees may vote to exclude negative images in this listing or vote to keep positive. The images that remain in this list will be organized by curators in the most presentable, avoiding repetitions on the page with the same After this operation, the system automatically approve up to two images per hour, so the time for approval can exceed three days.

2.2 - Pre-Listing Rejection: Each trustee may vote to save images of positive automatic failure to maintain or negative vote. The images that remain in this list will be automatically disapproved two days after having submitted, regardless of the number of votes.

3. - The main role of Trustees is "posting pictures on the wall of the exhibition " that will open within a few hours, excluding pre-selected images that do not fit, and adding the pre rejection.
The Trustees have the tools to organize and sort the images in the most presentable on the site, which is why pictures are not displayed in order of entry.

4. - In case of rejection, the authors Gold or higher will receive the reasons for refusal noted by the members and curators but we can not take all the right reasons as recorded, because the curators can not monitor everything that was written by the members. your work is free and only for it to select the best photos with complete independence. To vote "2" is not required to select a reason, so there may be some photos rejected without justification. The work of the curators have the supervision of Manuel Figueiredo.

5. - Os members with less experience who can not enter your photos in the public gallery have the advantage of learning from the best and expose your private website, your blog and in thematic groups that we are creating.

6. - The decision of our curators is sovereign. Please read the rules of use.


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PodiumFoto in Social Networks
If you do not want to share your pictures on social networks can inactivate this feature in your preferences.

In your menu "Settings", top right of the screen, click "Preferences-privacy" and select the checkbox "Do not share partner sites and social networks".
Remember that we only publish thumbnails that link to your page or photo whose purpose is the dissemination of our authors.